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"Once a year a Journey to the Sinai desert & Santa Catharina (Mount Moses)

DEPARTURE September 29- October 9, 2022



ALL INCL. 1100 EURO | (ex. flight ticket)

We travel by foot and camel through the desert, climb the Moses mountain and sleep for two days on the beach of LiveTheBedouinLife.

Guided by the Muzeïna tribe, we travel through the desert in the south of the Sinai desert, they share with us their way of life and travel.
We eat and share around the fire and sleep under the stars. This is a journey that offers you plenty of space to get in touch with nature and your own nature.

Traveling through this area under the guidance of this tribe offers you the unique opportunity to experience life in its authentic form. The desert that all noise disappears from the line ensures so that you can come back to your own nature. You will be well taken care of during the entire journey, you can completely surrender to the rhythm of the desert, of the day and completely relax.

Members of the Muzeina tribe and the LiveTheBedouinLife team are our guides during the journey. This team takes care of us, the food, the animals and everything we need. By taking other members of the Muzeina tribe with us every time, we ensure that different families can reap the benefits of these desert trips.

We travel 7 days by camel and by foot about 10 to 15 kilometers a day and as much as possible in silence. We sleep and live in the open air and we visit several historical places, such as the oasis El Goudra and the beautiful Jebel Mileihis. We climb over mountain peaks and through valleys and walk deeper and deeper into the desert.
The area is wide and varied and you will not get bored easily. The seventh day we leave the desert by jeep to Santa Catharina. There we have dinner and spend the night in a Bedouin camp. There you share a room with a shower and toilet with a fellow traveler (private room at an additional cost is possible on request).

For some of the group it will be a short night because at 2:30 we will climb with a group the Moses mountain, also the highest point of Sinai. Note that it is quite a climb. “Gabak Müsà”, “Mountain of Moses” is a 2285 meter high mountain. According to the Christian story, it is on this mountain that Moses received his Ten Commandments.

After the climb you can rest for a while to visit the monastery of Santa Catharina after breakfast. This monastery is located at the foot of the Moses mountain, the Santa Catharina monastery is the oldest Christian monastery in the world that is still inhabited. Here Moses is said to have seen the Burning Bush. This site is the holiest site of the monastery and is usually closed to the public. The evergreen thorn bush is said to be a shoot of the biblical bramble from which God spoke to Moses. It is a species not found anywhere else in Sinai.

In the 9th or 10th century, the monastery was named after Saint Catherine, after monks are said to have discovered its remains nearby.

The traditional people of the area, the Jebeliya Bedouins, are a unique people brought from southeastern Europe in the 6th century AD. Originally Christians, they soon converted to Islam and intermarried with other nomadic tribes. Some segments of the tribe came from the Arabian Peninsula relatively recently. Their culture is very similar to that of other Bedouin groups, but they have retained some unique characteristics. Unlike other Bedouin tribes, the Jebeliya have always practiced agriculture and are skilled gardeners, which is evident in the wadis around Saint Catherine. They have lived and still live in a symbiotic relationship with the monastery and its monks, and even today many Bedouins work with the monastery in the compound or in one of the gardens.

After this visit we have lunch and depart by jeep back to the coast of Nuweiba. There we spend the night at the Livethebedouinlife Camp.
This is a beautiful private beach near Nuweiba. Here you share a beach house on the Gulf of Aqaba. The beach is fully equipped and you will also be well taken care of here, completely in the atmosphere of the Bedouin.

You are cordially invited!

The entire Sinai desert is full of history and with every step you take you feel how solid the ground is under your feet. At a time when everything is developing so quickly, changing and requiring constant adjustments from you, the complete opposite is true in the desert. Your environment there is almost motionless, it challenges you to see and experience life and yourself again in its pure form.

When you want to be alone there is the desert, when you want to be together or want to share there is the campfire with good company. But most of all, feel FREE!

The desert is a huge historical area where in all these thousands of years no house has been built and no road has been built. Nature in its full power, and you can feel it. Entering this desert with its original inhabitants, the Muzeina tribe does something to you.

It will be a magical journey!


each step of every journey in the desert, so you won't be alone.  Joining us in 2022, there will be Celine Groenestein (The Origin) Debra Hempel, Founder of  

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