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Celine Groenestein
Celine Groenestein (Guide/Facilitator) & Team



Celine (Reliba = Bwiti name) was adopted as a child which led her to years long journey to (re)find herself. Celine finally realized her long-lived wishes in 2016 by answering her biggest calling to become initiated in the Bwiti tradition at the Ebando Temple in Gabon.


Celine is a mother of two beautiful teenage daughters and a yoga teacher with a decade of experience working with different powerful methods of breath and bodywork. Plant medicines, Voice Dialogue and different layers of deep consciousness.


In addition to the Iboga ceremonies, she also organizes. Peyote ceremonies where she co-facilitates with Raúl Hernández Morales.



She strongly feels that Iboga and Peyote are one of the many keys to open the doors of perception. Iboga and Peyote  leads to deep introspection, showing you the source of your blockages, your hidden pain, survival mechanisms, and belief systems (some of which are out-dated). The resulting insights are what lead to profound transformation in our everyday lives.


Her main goal during the ceremonies is to facilitate and serve by being present while functioning as a safe anchor for all the participants.


The ceremonies take place on a serene and beautiful place in nature, where Celine and her team of experienced individuals offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere where participants can feel safe to confront their inner work. We provide wholesome support when needed but also leave the participant alone (Respect full-distance) to go deep in their process, in the trust that they will realize that the power and everything they need is always within them.

The team acknowledges that ultimately, the aim of involving one's self in spiritual and personal growth work is to gain the necessary insights which empower the participant to effect real change in their personal lives. And, hopefully, in the whole universe.


We are here to assist and serve you finding your true potential in life and to become the authentic being you already are but are not fully aware of yet.

Realize yourself full potential, authentic being. You are consciousness that is your true Origin!

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