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          Grupo Palchucán Palchucán   



                                        Coming to the Netherlands 2024



                                                     11-14 July 2024


Grupo Palchucán consists of William Palchucán (father), Sandra Tautas Pantoja (mother) and Mallku Palchucán (son) from Putumayo Colombia.

William is the flute player and director of Grupo Putumayo and his parents and grandparents have passed down the skills of authentic amazonian shamanism to him and his siblings.


Sandra, his wife, is an incredible medicine woman and enchants us throughout the night with her beautiful voice and the sweet medicine of her charango.


Mallku, their son, accompanies his parents with the beat of the ancestral drum and is one of the youngest apprentices of the long heritage of shamanism in this beautiful family. 

They share the indigenous wisdom of their culture through ancestral medicine ceremonies of the Amazon Jungle with the aim of awakening a higher consciousness. Their focus is on transforming the knowledge that they have inherited from their parents, grandparents and ancestors into music that heals body, mind and spirit. 

Throughout the ceremonies the most wonderful, harmonious melodies come alive on Andean instruments as healing songs swirl across the space and enter into our consciousness reminding us of the beauty and joy of life.

Ancestral memories are tickled with the high-pitched overtone flutes of the Amazon Jungle and accompanied by the strong and protective beat of the grandfather drum

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